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Former Dentist Leslie Griesdorf Shares on His Work in the Dental Industry

Former Toronto dentist Leslie Griesdorf, now ten years removed from his last appointment at his private practice, gives a few insights on the work that he loved doing for years.

The business of running a private practice is never without its experiences. For Leslie Griesdorf, a retired dentist now a decade removed from attending to a patient, the work was rewarding and fulfilling. There was always something that required his attention; proper scheduling ensured the day ran smoothly, documentation ensured prompt payment, and fostering good relationships ensured continuity.</p><blockquote>"Running a private practice can sometimes isolate you from some of the professional relationships that are crucial to growth. When you work in a hospital, you have the advantage of colleagues to consult on the difficult cases. Transitioning into private practice means you don't have access to such resources easily. To counter that, you need to keep active relationships with professionals in your field."</blockquote><p>Over the years, Leslie Griesdorf became more involved in all the aspects of the business, and would sometimes liken it to the patients he tended to: it required attention to detail to ensure everything operated as expected. Efficiently running a private practice requires skill, knowledge and patience, qualities that Griesdorf possessed. But even while running the practice required him to wear many hats, sometimes at the same time, Griesdorf is grateful of some of the aspects he learned. To counter the tendency to become isolated, Griesdorf maintained excellent relationships with the Canadian Dental Association and the Ontario Dental Association. With a private practice, patients sometimes expect that the physician will be available at all times. Leslie scheduled his day to ensure he could see as many patients as possible. However, knowing that seeing all patients was impossible, he also set aside periods when he could spend time with family. Setting boundaries helped him to focus on his personal life. Perhaps what stood out for Leslie in his career, aside from the need to maintain good working relationships with patients and peers, was the fact that dentistry offered him a chance to exercise creativity. Being a great dentist is an art and skill. A good part of dentistry involves incorporating aesthetic beauty into oral health. To do it well requires mastery unique to the profession. Griesdorf managed to run his practice successfully for years and is proud to have given his best all through. About: Leslie Griesdorf is a former owner of a dentistry practice in Toronto, Canada. He completed his dental education at the University of Toronto's Dental School after only one year of Science Education. Griesdorf is now retired and has picked up stock market investing as his new interest. For more information about Leslie Griesdorf Dentist visit:- https://vimeo.com/lesliegriesdorfdenti

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